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Our Cherry program begins in early June with the Burlat variety from California. The Burlat cherry is heart shaped, juicy and sweet. The Bing variety starts shipping mid to late June from Washington. This variety is more round shaped and is very firm and crisp. The season runs through mid-August when we pull from Canada. We ship 150,000 boxes annually.

  • 2lbs zip bags available

This cool-season crop is gaining in popularity. As a carb-substitute, with recipes like cauliflower mashed potatoes and cauliflower rice, demand for cauliflower is high. Not only is it versatile, but also low calorie and nutritious. 1/4 cup of cooked cauliflower contains only 15 calories but 45% of your daily value of vitamin C. With our year-round program, customers can enjoy this healthy and delicious vegetable all year.

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