Nothing says summer like sweet corn and Long Island sweet corn is some of the best.  Working with our Long Island growers, we are delivering this delicious bi-color corn to Stop & Shop Suffolk County locations, making it easier for shoppers to get freshly picked Long Island corn. “We are happy to be getting our fresh corn into the hands of more Long Islanders to enjoy and Stop & Shop has been a great partner”, said Brian Pollak from Hapco Farms.

Picking only the best for our customers

Plenty of corn in stores this month

With corn stalks reaching over 6 feet high, our crops are right on schedule.

As the warm weather continues, we will continue to pick and deliver same day to these locations through September.

Available loose or in 5 count trays (shucked).

The anticipation

How sweet it is!

Sweet Corn Fun Facts

On average an ear of corn has 800 kernels in 16 rows.

An ear of corn always has even number rows.