Although Summer may be winding down, our Maine broccoli crop is in full swing. Packing both crowns and bunches, we anticipate shipping will continue into October.

Harvesting in full swing

2,800 acres harvested

We plant over 8 varieties, depending on the time of harvest, across 2,800 acres. “Warm days and cool nights make Maine an ideal spot for growing broccoli” said Lauren Keenan, Category Manager at Fresh from the Start. We ship both crown cuts, 40-45 ct. per case and bunches, 14ct and 18ct.

Available now in supermarkets

Crowns boxed and ready to ship

As the grower, we control all inputs of the crop, starting from seed selection to harvesting with our own crews to post-harvest trucking to customers. We also have USDA inspection on each load at the farm level before shipping. “This involvement results in the highest quality product for our customers. When you buy from us, you are buying directly from the grower”, added Keenan. Plus, for our East Coast customers, crops are days fresher than West Coast broccoli since we can deliver to most major East Coast markets in 24 hours.

Don’t miss out on this “Maine” event.